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National Farm to Cafeteria Conference
Six talented Oklahomans made everyone “Sit Up!” and beg for more at the National Farm to Cafeteria Conference held April 2014 in Austin, Texas.




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2008 Events

Bixby Field Day
June 2008 - Oklahoma State University’s Bixby Research Center Annual Field Day –– shows commercial and market gardeners their specialty crop research trials for the year.

Billings School at Turtle Rock Farm
March 2008 - Children at Billings School made three fun and educational field trips to Turtle Rock Farm in Red Rock for their school gardening project. Visit their website at and click on school gardening project for more information and their project journal.

OSU Lane Organic Field Day
July 2008 – A farm field day where over 100 farmers attended to observe and learn about the many organic production research projects and their results the center has been working on.

Tulsa Farm to Student Event 2008
Fun event where several stations are set-up for students to learn where their food comes from, how it grows and taste many kinds of local foods. At this event students got to see how to cook and got to sample grilled fresh purple asparagus and also tomato salsa, make a planting pot and then choose and plant a tomato or pepper plant to take home, touch and learn about dairy cow and goats, learn about worm composting and many other activities. Sponsors included Tulsa Public Schools, Tulsa County Cooperative Nutrition Educators and Master Gardeners, SW Dairy, Ag in the Classroom, Farm to School, Loretta’s Goats and local produce and plants were purchased from Whitmore Farms, Crow Farms and Creekside Plants & Produce.

Univ of Oklahoma at Redland Juice Company
July 2008 - Farm to School Coordinator took several representatives of Univ of Oklahoma’s food service to visit Redland Juice Company’s vineyard and processing facility to sample the many flavors of 100% grape juice that they grow the grapes for and produce into juice. After the visit to Redland, we ventured on to Peach Crest Farm in Stratford to see their peach orchard and production fields.

Jenks School Farm to School presentation
August 2008 – Jenks School District was joining the farm to school program. As a kickoff to the new school year, Farm to School Coordinator gave a presentation to over 100 food service personnel about Farm to School and brought local produce and products for cooking demonstration and taste testing.

Future Farms Tour 2008
August 08 - Two day conference that included one day of bus tours across the state visiting many local farms and one day of workshops. Visit the Kerr Center website at to download speaker presentations and see more photos.

September Fest 2008 – Event held at the Governors Mansion where thousands of families attending experienced many Oklahoma agriculture foods and activities. Farm to School’s booth served watermelon salsa and cold slices of locally grown seedless watermelons. Special guests included Governor Brad Henry and wife Kim and Blazer’s Hockey Coach Doug Sauter and player Stacey Bauman. Great help at the booth came from the Wellston FFA, family members and friends from the OK Dept of Agriculture.

2007 Events

Langston 4-H Summer Program – The Langston 4-H Summer Program and Farm to School Coordinator visited Sunberry Orchard to pick peaches and blackberries, Spencer’s Orchard to tour his vegetable production fields with plasticulture and tour Rochelle King’s Garden Spot to talk about her new farming venture. At each farm, local produce was purchased. The next day everyone met in the Langston kitchen and prepared healthy recipes and ate wonderful local foods.

Noble Foundation Hoop Houses – Season extension is a very important growing technique to help farmers extend their growing season to year-round production. Steve Upson at the Noble Foundation has been researching growing techniques in hoop houses for over 10 years and works with producers over the state.

“A Gardening We Will Go”
May 2007 - With Child Nutrition Directors from across the state - Two day bus tour taking child nutrition directors to visit local farmers markets, farms, school gardens and eating meals made with locally grown produce and products. The event was sponsored Ag in the Classroom, the Farm to School Program and the State Department of Education Child Nutrition Services.

Shawnee Food Service at Crow Farms
May 2007 – The entire staff of the Shawnee School District Food Service boarded a school bus and headed to Crow Farms to meet Ricky and Claudia Crow and see first hand how many of the crops that could be served in the cafeteria from Crow Farms grew.

OU & Chef Harry
September 2007 – Chef Harry, spokesperson for the National Watermelon Association, visited the University of Oklahoma as part of the farm to school program celebrating locally grown seedless watermelons being served all over the state. Watermelon salsa, watermelon lemonade and watermelon sandwiches were sampled by the students. Many students made their own designer smoothies inside carved out watermelons. Special guest included Lt. Governor Jari Askins.

Shawnee School and Chef Harry
September 2007 – Chef Harry did two presentation for Shawnee Middle School students talking about health and nutrition and also showing how to take traditionally unhealthy cake and cookie recipes and make them out of watermelon. Students participated in making the recipes and then taste testing along with the teachers and staff at the school. Special guest included Terry Peach, Oklahoma Commissioner of Agriculture, the Mayor and Superintendent of Shawnee and Rick Maloney, Asst Commissioner of Program and Marketing Director of the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food & Forestry.

Hinton School Watermelon Mania
October 2007 – Farm to School Coordinator gave six presentations at Hinton high school where they discussed food, health and nutrition. After the discussion, they made watermelon salsa, watermelon breakfast parfaits, fruit smoothies, & watermelon cupcakes all made with locally grown produce.